About Us

Children’s Pantry Daycare was started in 1996 in the home of James and Theresa Morton. They saw that there was a great need for childcare, especially in single mothers who were forced to work. These working parents were struggling to find a childcare service that was safe, nurturing, reliable & flexible in caring for their children. The Morton’s felt they were being called to help their community and were determined to provide a safe haven for every child they cared for. Furthermore, it was important to them to provide the efficacy for parents to feel safe leaving their children with them.  

Children’s Pantry has grown tremendously since it first started, but it still functions on the same beliefs and principles as it did when James and Theresa Morton gave birth to it’s idea. The Morton’s are still involved as active Administrators of Children’s Pantry. They share the responsibility for the overall flow of the center. They concern themselves with the Staff, Parents, and the Children we serve. 

LaToya Williams is the Center Director; Yasmine M. Morton is the Center Development Specialist. All of their teachers are participants of “The Registry” https://www.the-registry.org/ and hold either an associate degree or several college credits in the field of early childhood education. Children’s Pantry is one of the few childcare providers that do not discriminate against certain physical, emotional, mental or cognitive disabilities.

Our Mission

Children’s Pantry believes that strong positive and nurturing influences on a Child’s life today, will blossom into phenomenal tomorrows. It is because of our belief we strive to provide the ultimate environment. We believe in empowering a child with the skills and self-esteem they need in order to conquer the trials of everyday life. The goal of Children’s Pantry is to assist with the cognitive, emotional, physical, and social development of every child that enters our doors.  

Children’s Pantry believes in the principles that Christianity stands on. We use Christianity as a foundation for values. We do not focus on denominations, but we honor the belief “Love thy Neighbors” and “Do onto others, as you would have them do onto you”. In following these principles, we enlighten a child’s spiritual growth. We also believe it ordains a child to a higher power to make good choices rather than bad choices.  

Children’s Pantry also believes a child’s life is only as good as what the adults around them create it to be. It is because of this belief that we keep all staff members abreast of the current issues surrounding child development. It is because of this same belief we offer resources to all parents that seek the need. It’s because of this belief we try to expose the children to many diversities of life. We put forth a conscious effort and practice the paraphrase “it takes a whole village to raise a child”. It is our mission to provide Quality Professional Childcare for the families we serve.